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The Word for Spring:  Co-Selling!

Co-selling with the IBM Security Sales Reps is the key to success. When we collaborate on account planning and leverage each other’s strengths early in the sales cycle, we expand our reach and close more business.  As we see more leads being passed to us from IBM ISRs we look forward to growing our IBM software business. 

IBM Sales Reps should view the ILANTUS team as an extension to their efforts.

Federation Express - Fixed Fee Professional Services
IAM Life Cycle Expertise


Post-Pulse Round Up

ILANTUS presented Federation Express and gave demos to over 125 IBMers during the Sales Academy and Pulse!

If you missed our session, please get in touch with us so we can get you up to speed with Federation Express and show you this exciting solution.

If you were at the presentations, how  can we help you with your Federation Express opportunities? The sooner we are involved, the sooner we can knock off competition and help you land the win!

Build on the Momentum

Shane Weeden - Pulse2103
ILANTUS received special recognition for our Federation Express solution during Pulse2013. See the full write-up from Shane Weeden following Pulse and be sure to see his mention of ILANTUS in the “Business Partner Solutions for IAM” section.


Beacon Award Finalist   

ILANTUS Federation Express , a federated single-sign-on (SSO) solution for enterprises, was recognized as a finalist in the "Outstanding Security Solution" category of "Smarter Solutions" in the 2013 Beacon Awards.

In recognition that ILANTUS Federation Express exhibits innovation and excellence in the development, implementation and integration of IBM products and services, the Beacon Aawrad Finalist designation underscores the ILANTUS commitment to solving industry problems while delivering quantifiable benefits to customers.






Ready for Security Intelligence

ILANTUS Federation Express has received certification as "Ready for IBM Security Intelligence" designating that it has been validated against IBM specifications for integration with IBM Security products.


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Let us know how ILANTUS can help you with prospects and customers. 

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Mike Rubery, 303-550-1474 
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ILANTUS-IBM Resource Center

Check out the ILANTUS-IBM Resource Center for recent news and sales suport! The Resource Center is designed to provide you with instant access to the most current ILANTUS sales support collateral.  Featuring case studies, brochures, FAQs, video and more, the Resource Center is a good source for product information, sales strategy and tactical tools.

Just click ILANTUS-IBM Resource Center for the registration page.  Your IBM email address gives you access to the Resource Center.  You can bookmark the page for instant access in the future; once bookmarked, there is no further need to use your email address. 

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